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Abasha Annual Report 2020

Abasha Jahresbericht 2020

Download of the Annual Report: Abasha Annual Report 2020

Dear Abasha Members,

This past year has shown us all how strongly events in our environment can influence our own everyday life. We all had to adapt and often the internet connection became the crucial link to friends, family, culture and our job. The measures to contain the pandemic have also made access to sport and education more difficult in many parts of the world. According to the UN, the crisis is accelerating already existing educational inequalities as opportunities for many of the most disadvantaged children, young people and adults are further reduced.

These problems have also increased for young educational and sports initiatives that are active in an environment that has been already difficult before the pandemic. Despite the increased constraints in the already harsh environment of Kabul, the Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO) was able to offer many sports and educational activities for boys and girls within the Drop and Ride program. Abasha supported the PFO team in their efforts to offer educational courses even during lockdown months. With an easing of restrictions, it was possible again to offer bicycle trainings and, for the first time, even a computer course.

The Abasha team wants to provide targeted start-up support for even more young educational and sports initiatives in a difficult environment. In doing so, we rely on the self-initiative of these projects and see ourselves merely in a mentoring role to our partners. We want to help in the implementation of local ideas through a close relationship of trust by offering advice and financial support. The goal of such a cooperation is a self-confident independence, in which the partner project acts on an equal level with Abasha and becomes completely independent after a few years. A central concern is therefore to support the local project participants in their professional development and to promote personal skills in a targeted manner. For the admission of additional projects we need, of course, financial means in order to be able to guarantee stability – every additional membership helps us a lot here!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but also in line with Abasha’s online mentality, we have for the first time organised our Annual Assembly in an online format. Everything worked fine and we will keep this format in the future! Following the members’ vote, the board remains unchanged and we look forward to the exciting times ahead!

We are infinitely grateful for your support. Without your contribution this organisation would not have become reality. Thank you!

Moritz Kistenfeger                Tamara Ehm
1. Board                                  2. Board

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