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The Girl’s Future in Busia, Kenya, supports young girls who are systematically disadvantaged or even violated against. The initiative provides counselling for sexually abused girls, donates sanitary towels and offers professional computer classes for free.

When Silvester Ojiambo learnt about the rape of a close family member and witnessed the social exclusion of the victim in the aftermath, he knew he needed to act. In West Kenya, young girls are far more likely to drop out of school than their male peers. Among the main reasons are the lack of sanitary equipment and unwanted pregnancies. To tackle these problems, he teamed up with three friends and founded ‘The Girl’s Future’.

Gruppe von Schulmädchen aus Kenia, die lachend Binden in den Händen halten

Together they have already organised mentorship sessions where groups of girls can receive education, get counseling, and exchange experiences. Here the girls can find support and comfort. Thanks to ‘The Girl’s Future’ they know they are not alone. 

The comparably high price of sanitary products means that a sizable number of girls cannot afford them. As a consequence, girls skip school during their period and hence are excluded from their peers. To make sure that missing access to affordable sanitary articles does not lead to social disadvantage, The Girl’s Future donates sanitary pads and cups to girls in need. Consequently, schoolgirls are able to attend classes again.

4 Mitglieder von The Girl's Future halten ein Banner mit ihren Zielen

In today’s interconnected world, computer literacy is as imported as the ability to write and read. Many pupils are likely to be required to work with computers later on in their career. However, a lot of Busia’s youth have neither access to PCs nor the appropriate training. The Girl’s Future offers professional computer classes that teach pupils how to send emails, work with Excel sheets and edit Word documents. After completion of the class, participants receive a certificate confirming their computer literacy.

Additionally, The Girl’s Future also plans to organise football sessions and skating for young girls in the future. Not only will this increase the prominence of the organisation but it is also a way to boost the confidence, team spirit and sense of community for Busia’s girls while at the same time creating a place of sanctuary. In the long run, the organisation aspires to become a place of shelter and education and to improve the girl’s future. Help us with that! 

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