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Aba­sha was foun­ded in Febru­a­ry 2019 as a non-pro­fit asso­cia­ti­on based in Ger­ma­ny. Our goal is the pro­mo­ti­on of free access to edu­ca­ti­on and sports for child­ren and youth from dif­fi­cult back­grounds. For this, we don’t want to dic­ta­te our ide­as, but rather help local peop­le imple­ment their own pro­jects.

In Zulu, a South Afri­can tri­be lan­guage, “Aba­sha” means “youth”. The slo­gan “Move. Learn. Crea­te” repres­ents posi­ti­ve chan­ge through sport and edu­ca­ti­on. Aba­sha was born out of a Euro­pean sup­port initia­ti­ve for the Drop and Ride pro­ject in Afgha­ni­stan. The resul­ting net­work and know­ledge of the coope­ra­ti­on, which star­ted in 2016, will be used by Aba­sha for the sup­port of fur­ther young pro­jects in dif­fi­cult cir­cum­s­tan­ces.

What we do

Aba­sha sup­ports inter­na­tio­nal edu­ca­ti­on and sports pro­jects, initia­ted by the local youth. The pro­jects should focus on pro­vi­ding child­ren and young peop­le from dif­fi­cult back­grounds with access to sport and edu­ca­ti­on. Aba­sha also sup­ports initia­ti­ves that are only acti­ve in the field of eit­her sport or edu­ca­ti­on. We see gre­at poten­ti­al espe­cial­ly in the com­bi­na­ti­on of edu­ca­ti­on and sport to bring tog­e­ther child­ren and young peop­le from dif­fe­rent back­grounds in a sin­gle pro­gram and thus faci­li­ta­te social exchan­ge. Trough the pro­grams, new social, ath­le­tic and pro­fes­sio­nal per­spec­ti­ves can be offe­red for the par­ti­ci­pants. In our pro­ject work, we empha­si­ze equal rights of women and men and the asso­cia­ted trans­mis­si­on of values like demo­cra­cy, par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on and con­flict pre­ven­ti­on.

We will sup­port alrea­dy exis­ting pro­jects, which in the best case are initia­ted by the local popu­la­ti­on its­elf. We will sup­port initia­ti­ves that impro­ve the situa­ti­on of dis­ad­van­ta­ged popu­la­ti­on groups, for examp­le through access to sports and edu­ca­tio­nal oppor­tu­nities. Fol­lowing the gui­ding princip­le “help for self-help”, we enab­le the young initia­ti­ves to deve­lop to a sus­tainab­le pro­ject struc­tu­re. This is achie­ved through men­to­ring, finan­cial assi­s­tance and net­wor­king with pos­si­ble long-term spon­sors. The goal of all coope­ra­ti­on is that sup­por­ted pro­jects can ope­ra­te sus­tainab­ly and are able to finan­ce their ope­ra­ti­on by them­sel­ves in the long term.

How we finan­ce Aba­sha

As we are a non-pro­fit asso­cia­ti­on finan­cing of the pro­jects is achie­ved through a com­bi­na­ti­on of pri­va­te dona­ti­ons, com­pa­ny spon­so­ring and public fun­ding. We ensu­re the effi­ci­ent use of all funds in the local con­text. Sin­ce the funds are inten­ded for use in the pro­ject coun­tries, admi­nis­tra­ti­ve cos­ts in Ger­ma­ny are redu­ced to an abso­lu­te mini­mum. Ever­yo­ne at Aba­sha con­tri­bu­tes on a vol­un­ta­ry basis.

The use of funds aims for a long-term bene­fit. Funds are used to sup­port initia­ti­ves in buil­ding sta­ble pro­ject struc­tures. Frame­work con­di­ti­ons, which enab­le the pro­jects to be run sus­tainab­ly and inde­pendent­ly, will be crea­ted.