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Aba­sha sup­ports young sport and edu­ca­ti­on initia­ti­ves in dif­fi­cult sur­roun­dings by pro­vi­ding men­to­ring and finan­cial sup­port to help them build sus­tainab­le pro­ject struc­tures.

In line with our gui­ding princi­ples, we sup­port alrea­dy exis­ting pro­jects initia­ted by the local popu­la­ti­on. For examp­le, we are cur­r­ent­ly focu­sing on a bicy­cle club in Kabul, Afgha­ni­stan. At Drop and Ride free acti­vi­ties address not only sport but also edu­ca­ti­on, equa­li­ty and demo­cra­cy. Due to our clo­se pro­ject part­ners­hips at Aba­sha, we can help the initia­ti­ves in a trans­pa­rent and focu­sed approach to tack­le big pro­blems on a small sca­le.

How we do this? For examp­le with the Munich to Kabul Chal­len­ge!

Girl on bike Kabul Afghanistan Drop and Ride Bmx Abasha
Kabul Afghanistan Drop and Ride Education English Classes Abasha

Then you’­ve come to the right place. For us, sport is more than just exer­cise: It con­nects peop­le, regard­less of social back­ground, gen­der or reli­gi­on. Sport also empowers child­ren and young peop­le and con­veys values such as tole­ran­ce, fair­ness and self-con­fi­dence.

Ever­yo­ne has a right to edu­ca­ti­on. Free access to edu­ca­ti­on is a cor­ner­stone of a func­tio­n­ing socie­ty and the key to many chal­len­ges of our time.

We need your sup­port so that we can assist young pro­jects world­wi­de! Aba­sha sees its­elf as a link bet­ween the pro­jects and sup­por­ters world­wi­de – like you! Find out how you can help: