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Annual Report 2022

Annual Report 2022

Dear members and Abasha enthusiasts,

an eventful year 2022 is coming to an end. While on the geopolitical level one crisis replaced the next, we are thankful to report only positive events for Abasha in 2022. After our collaboration with Drop And Ride ended unexpectedly due to the devastating events in Afghanistan in 2021, we are excited to have added two new partner organizations to our mentoring program in 2022:

The Center for Community Enhancement (CENEC) aims to empower girls and boys in Buea, the regional capital in southwestern Cameroon. The organization offers sports and educational activities, promotes gender equality and health, and provides refugees within Cameroon with a safe place away from the streets. For example, CENEC organizes computer, soccer and English courses, as well as clean-up events and workshops on environmental protection.

The second initiative we selected for our program is the Dusty South Crew (DSC) from Kitengela, a suburb of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. To provide local youth with attractive recreational activities, the Dusty South Crew organizes regular events to build BMX trails, practice tricks on BMX and skateboards, and perform music together. Currently, the initiative is still in the process of being formally recognized as an NGO in Kenya – we are looking forward to 2023 with great hope and are really excited to collaborate with the Dusty South Crew.

This year, a lot has happened internally at Abasha as well: After the great success of our first Get-Together in 2021, we repeated the concept in the summer of 2022 and came up with many new ideas and inspirations for the coming months. We welcomed more full and supporting members and expanded Abasha’s outreach through several newspaper articles. Abasha’s funding pool is well stocked and in 2023 we plan to provide a total of 7500 Euros to our partner organizations.

A rotation of the board on a regular basis and thus fresh momentum is important for an association that is driven by volunteers. The most significant change for Abasha therefore happened at the annual meeting in late December: The first rotation of Abasha’s board! From 2023, Saskia Kuzlik and Emmy Steiner will take over the role of the first and second Chair of the Board.

Thank you for supporting Abasha and our partner organizations!

Moritz Kistenfeger
former 1st Chair of the board

Tamara Ehm
former 2nd Chair of the Board

Saskia Kuzlik
1st Chair of the Board

Emmy Steiner
2nd Chair of the Board

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