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You want to support Abasha and our project partners in the long run? Then you are in the right place. Your contribution still makes a real difference here. Together we can help young initiatives to tackle big problems on a small scale.

By mentoring, providing financial means and gaining long-term sponsors, we want to help young people to implement their ideas in the field of education and sport. We, the team of Abasha, would like to use our experience to help these charitable initiatives to reach a sustainable project structure. For this, we need your support!

Donations and club fees of the supporting members are 100% directed to the activities of the projects supported by Abasha. All fees and administrative costs of the club operations in Germany are financed by the club fees of the founding members only.

Especially permanent members enable us to plan long-term and promise financial security for our work. Here, your contribution gets more weight thanks to the combination with company sponsors and public promotion. As a member of Abasha you are part of an important pillar for youth initiatives in the field of education and sports.

Become a supporting member of Abasha

As a young association, we are looking forward to new motivated members who want to change something! Supporting members help the association with a voluntary annual membership fee of at least 24 euros a year. This small contribution of minimum two euros per month can be used efficiently in the local context of our projects. For the payment of the membership fee via SEPA direct debit you need a European bank account. You don’t have a European bank account? Then use our donation form with all usual online payment methods!

As a supporting member, you will become part of the community Abasha, a project of passionate people for young and committed people. In addition to regular updates on the use of your donation in the projects, you will receive the right to speak at our general meeting (no voting rights).

Join as a supporting member

(No European bank account? Please use our donation form!)

Annual membership contribution in Euro*

(minimum 24 Euro, will be calculated proportionally in the year of entry)

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate for recurrent payments

Abasha e.V., Karotschstr. 42, 81829 München
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How we use your membership contribution:

Your 2 Euro per month finance a part of the monthly rent for the training ground of Drop and Ride.

Your 4 Euro per month support the educational program of Drop and Ride!

Your 8 Euro per month enable Drop and Ride to participate events on a regular basis!

Your 16 Euro per month are an important pillar for a longterm and sustainable future of the educational and sports program by PFO!


Do you want to contribute even more? You want to take responsibility in the association and participate as a full member with voting rights in the general meeting? Then contact us directly.

Thank you for supporting us! We are looking forward to you!

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