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Get to know the team behind Abasha! By the establishment of the association we can sustain our commitment on a stable base and look forward to be able to give many young initiatives a hand. We have different professional backgrounds and look forward to incorporate our knowledge into future projects!

Moritz Kistenfeger

In addition to his studies of geography in Bonn and Amsterdam, Moritz gained practical experience in various fields. Among other things, his participation in the establishment of the GO!Durban Cycle Academy in South Africa and the organization of various events in Germany contributed to this. In addition, he completed various internships, most recently at the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). Through his long-term involvement in various sports clubs in Germany, the experience gained here can be passed on directly to new projects. Since the end of 2016, Moritz has headed the European support initiative for Drop and Ride in Kabul. With the founding of Abasha, the networks created can also be used to support other projects in the future.

Tamara Ehm
Vice President

Tamara is doing a doctorate in physics and enjoys sports in her spare time. As a trainer in the cheerleader department of the TSV Turnerbund Munich she wants to pass on her enthusiasm for sports to girls and young women. As the second member of the board of Abasha e.V., she takes care of internal and administrative matters and coordinates donations from external partners. Tamara hopes that the promotion of educational and sports projects for boys and girls will improve the equality for young women.

Amelie Thamasett

Amelie studies Business Administration with a focus on Computer Science at the TU Munich. Her great passion for numbers not only came to light during her studies, but also crystallized during her working student activities in the area of controlling. She enjoys taking care of Absaha’s financial affairs and contributing her share as treasurer. So don’t be afraid to contact Amelie at any time if you have any financial questions.

Carl Hieronymi
Project Mentor

Carl studied mechanical engineering in Aachen and Beijing. In addition, he had further opportunities to gain professional, student and honorary experience abroad in South Korea, China and the USA. After completing his studies, he moved to Cologne for his business career. The association’s work fits in with Carl’s interests of positively and sustainably influencing the environment and society. He is currently supporting the Drop and Ride project from Germany in his role at Abasha. 

Picture: Hoshi K. Yoshida

Anna Weiß
Project mentor

Anna Weiß, 31, from Deggendorf is driven by an unbridled curiosity. In her short life, she has been able to live out her various facets, e.g. as a flight attendant , founder of a publisher, owner of an advertising agency, mountain bike guide, instructor in the mountain bike teaching team of the German Alpine Club, organiser of the European Womens Outdoor Summit and founder of Bloomers – the base camp for outdoor sportswomen and everyone who wants to become one. Her passion is to bring ideas to life, to connect people, and to encourage and support them to also develop and live their full potential. She firmly believes that sport and education are THE means of choice to empower individuals, strengthen communities and ultimately make a positive contribution to society.

Kevin Kaiser
IT / 1st Cash Auditor

Kevin studies physics at the LMU Munich. At Abasha he is responsible for the role of the 2nd treasurer as well as the IT infrastructure. As the nerd for everything, he takes care of minimizing the resistance from the technology for the team. Kevin hopes that this association will reduce the gap between the genders in education and sport.

Saskia Kuzlik
Social Media / 2nd Cash Auditor

Saskia holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and is currently studying business administration in Munich. During her studies she works in online marketing for a Munich startup. She combines her knowledge from her studies and her part-time job in her work as 2nd cash auditor and social media representative for the Abasha Association. Saskia makes sure that you are provided with the latest news via all online channels and gives you a look behind the scenes of the association’s work.

Sandro Stock

Sandro studies physics in Munich and spends most of his free time doing sports and travelling. He was involved in sports for several years as a volleyball player and youth trainer at DJK Aalen. At Abasha e.V. he takes responsibility for the organization of the club’s tasks and their structured course. He sees the combination of educational and sports projects as a great opportunity for the sustainable support of children and young people.