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Get to know the team behind Abasha! All of us contribute to the goals of Abasha in voluntary work. With Abasha’s structure we can sustain our commitment on a stable base and look forward to support many young initiatives. We have different professional backgrounds and look forward to incorporate our knowledge into future projects!

Our board members

Saskia Kuzlik

As 1st Board, Saskia is responsible for the strategy and external appearance of Abasha. In addition, she also takes care of Abasha’s marketing and regularly provides you with new information about the club on our blog and in the newsletter. Saskia currently studies business administration in Munich and works in online marketing.

Emmy Steiner

Emmy Steiner

As the 2nd Board of Abasha, Emmy takes care of internal and administrative tasks and coordinates donations from external partners. Apart from that she is one of the mentors for our partner project Dusty South Crew from Kenya. She studies law in Munich and works at the chair of international civil procedure law.

Livia Kerr

As treasurer, Livia is responsible for the bookkeeping and finances of the association. Additionally, she is the first contact person for our new members and ensures them a smooth onboarding at our club. Livia is currently doing her Master in business informatics in Munich. 

michelle maurer

Michelle Maurer

As secretary Michelle is responsible for the execution and recording of the general assembly. Michelle is a law student at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich and also supports Abasha in legal matters. For her, education is a way to give people a voice. 

Moritz Kistenfeger

Moritz is one of our two cash auditors and the founder of Abasha. He believes in the combination of sport and educational activities to create new perspectives for participants. He studied urban planning in Amsterdam and is enthusiastic about bikes for sport and transportation purposes.

Justus Fink

Justus is our 2nd cash auditor. Furthermore, he coordinates a working group on project management and leads efforts to improve the call and selection of new projects at Abasha. A trained mathematician and doctoral candidate at ETH Zurich, he trusts the power of drawing and the real-life experience of his co-workers at Abasha to find out what makes projects successful.

Our full members

Gregor Böcher

Gregor is part of the mentoring team for CENEC. He finds that sports in general have a big potential, especially for the youth, for developing self-confidence and an adequate sense of responsibility. Both essentials for later periods of life.

Tamara Ehm Abasha

Tamara Ehm

Tamara is part of our fundraising and recruiting team. She hopes that funding educational and sports projects for boys and girls will improve gender equality. Tamara is did her PhD in biophysics and is currently studying medicine at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.

Viktoria Ehm

Viktoria is responsible for university marketing and fundraising at Abasha and takes care of our presence at events. She also takes care of internal software solutions at Abasha. Because of her ongoing master studies in computer science she has the necessary knowledge for this task. As a passionate runner, she is happy to do a good deed through sport.

Johannes Heyn Abasha

Johannes Heyn

Johannes is involved in the project manage­ment working group and mentors The Girls Future. He is convinced that team spirit and sporting ambition can move mountains. Johannes is doing his doctorate in biophysics at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.

Amelie Huber Abasha

Amelie Huber

Amelie is part of the project management team at Abasha. She has been involved in competitive sports since her childhood and wants to pass on her love of sports and all the benefits it brings, especially to young athletes. Amelie is currently finishing her Master’s degree in Consumer Science at the Technical University of Munich.

Diana Huber

At Abasha, Diana is taking care of the social media channels and website content. After her bachelor in London, she moved to Germany where she keeps herself busy with learning German. Diana is currently working in content marketing for an E-Commerce company in Berlin.

Lucas Hille

Lucas is involved in the project management team of Abasha and in the field of internal quality insurance. He strongly believes in the positive power of sports and is a doctoral candidate at Technical University Munich.

Kevin Kaiser

Kevin is responsible for Abasha’s IT infrastructure where, as the nerd for everything, he takes care of minimizing the resistance of technology for the team. He is doing his doctorate on radar algorithms and hopes to reduce the gap between the genders in education and sports through this association.


Line Kipp

As part of the communications team at Abasha, Line creates content for the organization’s social media channels. She studies Communication Science and Psychology in Munich and is passionate about advocating for gender equality and equal access to education.

Sandro Stock

Sandro is a doctorial candidate in mechanical engineering at the Technical University Munich and considers free access to education as the cornerstone of a functioning society.

Amelie Thamasett

Amelie has a great passion for numbers and studied business administration with an additional specialization in computer science at the Technical University of Munich.

Magdalena Wimmer Abasha

Magdalena Wimmer

Magdalena is involved in the project management team and is one of the mentors for The Girls Future. She sees enormous educational potential in sports and many positive effects on the development of children and young people. She is studying health sciences at the Technical University of Munich.


Join the Abasha Team and support young sports and educational projects in difficult circumstances. With us you can make your commitment in a long-term and flexible way – online!