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Vision: Abasha

Teammitglieder Abasha Verein München Vision Idee Drop and Ride

Our vision: Abasha is an association in Germany that supports young initiatives in difficult circumstances with the successful implementation of educational and sports projects worldwide.

We are building a platform on which we support young people in the realization of their ideas. Through mentoring, the provision of financial means and the acquisition of reliable sponsors, we get individual projects going and provide them with long-term support. In Abasha’s vision, the self-initiative and independence of these projects always come first.

After our founding meeting on 31.01.2019 we are now starting the implementation of all formalities. 

Thus Abasha is officially founded!

We are now working in internal working groups to bring life into the association. In different topics we work out approaches and guidelines. We do this to get clear about two things. Firstly, how we want to reach the goals of the association in the long run. And secondly, how we can start with the practical work soon. Practically this means a lot of formalities, but also the continuation of the Drop and Ride project in Afghanistan. In cooperation with the young people on site, we are currently creating an educational program. This should accompany the sports program of the bicycle club. We try to learn as much as possible from more than two years of cooperation with this project. Furthermore, we want to use this knowledge effectively in future projects.

Especially in the initial phase we are extremely grateful for any kind of support! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or support us with a donation. Especially helpful for us are permanent sponsoring members who allow us a long-term financial planning. Are you interested? We are looking forward to your membership

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