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The Girls Future – Our second partner project

We have got news for you! Drop and Ride is getting more and more independent while Abasha continues to grow month by month – so, the time has finally come for a second project, which we want to accompany on its way to a stable independence.

We received over 300 applications, conducted video interviews with 15 candidates, and eventually shortlisted two projects. For several months, eleven members were intensively involved in the selection process.

After a clear vote of the full members, we have now decided on a new partner project: The Girls Future. The support of Abasha’s new partner project, which is scheduled to last several years, will begin in March.

The Girl's Future en

The Girls Future: A safe space for girls

Together with the three other team members Sharon, Denzel and Faith, 24-year-old Silvester Ojiambo founded The Girls Future in Busia, Kenya. With networking opportunities, IT and programming classes, as well as sports and career counseling, Silvester aims to create a place of hope for girls, as well as boys, from difficult backgrounds in Busia.

We are happy to support Silvester Ojiambo and The Girls Future in this important mission. However, we still have a long way to go: First we have to organize a stable internet connection and the necessary equipment for a good video exchange for the young organization in Busia.

But we from Abasha are sure: Together we can make a difference! We are looking forward to the new challenge and hope that in cooperation with the team behind The Girls Future, we can again tackle big problems on a small scale.

You can always follow the progress of the project and get more exciting insights into the collaboration on our social media channels and website. The support of Drop and Ride will of course continue, this partnership remains unaffected.

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