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The Drop and Ride Program in 2020 is financed!

The crowdfunding for the Drop and Ride Program is finally completed! Abasha supports the Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO), an official NGO in Afghanistan, in financing the sport and education program in Kabul. Now the PFO is ready to implement the Drop and Ride 2020 Program. THANK YOU to all our supportive members, donors and companies contributing to the Drop and Ride – Sport and Education for the Youth of Kabul crowdfunding. 

After the successful crowdfunding, PFO is now ready to implement the 2020 Drop and Ride Program: The funds collected through the crowdfunding will support various activities planned for 2020. The Program is shaped around the principles of human rights, women empowerment and fighting inequalities through education and sport. Additionally, the yearly rent for a safe training area, English courses and computer training course, along with hosting educational events are also included in the 2020 Program. The aim of the 2020 Program is to provide safe training facilities for boys and girls alike and encourage young people to engage in sport and educational activities.

As 2020 has already started, have a look at the most recent event organised by Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO) in Kabul, Afghanistan – the Freestyle Sports show! It is so exciting to see young girls and boys alike coming together for sports and being proud of what they do. Bike freestyle, roller skating and parkour fans gathered to show their passion and skills in a public event, a special occasion for Kabul.

Flying Metal was already involved in the donation delivery of a shipping container full of sports equipment in 2018. At that time the company provided ramps, bicycles and financial support and thus contributed significantly to the successful implementation of the delivery of the extensive equipment for the Drop and Ride project. Since then, high-quality bikes, protective gear and ramps have been available for the project in Kabul. You can read more about this multi-year project in this article.

You can support us by joining Abasha as a long-term supporting member or by donating! Especially helpful for us are permanent sponsoring members who allow us a long-term financial planning. Are you interested? We are looking forward to your membership

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