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Abasha Challenge: 6000 km from Munich to Kabul

We are cal­ling on all sport lovers and fit­ness new­co­mers for a spe­cial kind of cha­ri­ty run: Tog­e­ther we will run, swim, cycle thousands of kilo­me­tres from Munich, the foun­ding place of Aba­sha, to Kabul, the home of our part­ner pro­ject Drop and Ride.

Charity run Munich 2020
Tog­e­ther we will run, cycle, swim or stroll 6000 km from Munich to Kabul.

From the after­noon jog in the park, racing down the hills on your bike or explo­ring the forest step by step, ever­ything counts as long as you are moving, having fun and of cour­se respec­ting social distancing. Wha­te­ver your age or abi­li­ty, your kilo­me­ters and the spon­sors that sup­port you will bring the Munich to Kabul chal­len­ge for­ward.

You find free­dom in going out­doors and doing the sport you love? For you, the­re is not­hing bet­ter than tea­ming up with friends and trai­ning tog­e­ther? You want to sup­port pro­jects with child­ren in Afgha­ni­stan who are cra­zy about sports and edu­ca­ti­on? Then you’­ve come to just the right place!

At Aba­sha, we sup­port young, local initia­ti­ves in coun­tries whe­re edu­ca­ti­on and equal rights can­not be taken for gran­ted. We are a group of sports enthu­si­asts, stu­dents and spreads­heet nerds, who — with litt­le money and gre­at effort — pass on know­ledge and know-how to moti­va­ted entre­pre­neurs and edu­ca­tio­nal initia­ti­ves in deve­lo­ping coun­tries. 

Abasha’s team will par­ti­ci­pa­te too and is loo­king for­ward to nume­rous sport enthu­si­astic par­ti­ci­pants!

Cur­r­ent­ly, we sup­port the pro­ject “Drop and Ride”, which offers pro­fes­sio­nal cycling trai­ning and edu­ca­tio­nal cour­ses to Kabul’s child­ren. Thanks to bicy­cle tricks, half-pipes and Eng­lish cour­ses the girls and boys gather self-con­fi­dence and strength in a dif­fi­cult envi­ron­ment. A spe­cial focus is pla­ced on gen­der equa­li­ty — Drop and Ride alrea­dy chan­ged the lives of more than 100 Afghan girls.

With this cha­ri­ty run, we want to rai­se money for Aba­sha to fund work with Drop and Ride and future addi­tio­nal pro­jects in 2021.

So get into your run­ning shoes, hop on your bike and let’s go! The­re is no ent­ry fee, all we ask is that you take part in our Munich to Kabul Chal­len­ge, dona­te and ask friends and fami­ly to spon­sor your efforts and perhaps even join in them­sel­ves. 

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