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Drop and Ride in the current situation in Afghanistan

Our thoughts are with our partner organization Drop and Ride in Kabul. For them, even the last bits of stability seem to disappear these days. For security reasons we had to remove many pictures that showed the participants of the sports and educational programs. The circumstances are sad and devastating.

Drop and Ride bmx training in Kabul, Afghanistan

It has taken decades for Afghan civil society to flourish again. This has enabled many young Afghans to educate themselves, pursue their ambitions and play an active role in society. But civil actors can only act in a safe way if basic security conditions are maintained.

The rapid withdrawal of international troops suddenly places the Afghan civil society in imminent danger. Many exposed members of Afghan civil society, especially human rights activists,  journalists or simply even girls and women, are completely unprotected at this time.

The humanitarian rights achieved through military and civilian efforts must be safeguarded. Many minorities and vulnerable groups need long-term protection to be able to stay in the country.

We at Abasha hope that we can give you an outlook about the future of Drop and Ride soon.

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