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New start for young activists from Kabul

Since the Taliban have now also taken Kabul, the members of Drop and Ride have had to fear for their lives. For years, they have loudly and publicly campaigned for values such as equal rights for women and men, democracy and human rights.

Six of them are particularly at risk because of their media presence – but the good news is that five of them (including a baby) have already been able to leave Kabul in recent days. In order to be able to give them a new life abroad, some Abasha members and external helpers have joined forces and created a fundraising campaign for the six people.

It is important for us to mention that this is NOT a campaign initiated by Abasha, but the donations are collected externally and privately!

Clothes, a cell phone, the passport – that’s all the organizers of Drop and Ride have left. Drop and Ride was a sports and education project in Kabul, Afghanistan, which offered cycling and English courses for boys and girls. With their approach of “Drop the gun and ride a bike,” the young actors wanted to set an example for peace and equality. Since February 2019, Abasha e.V., a non-profit association from Germany, has been supporting the project in Kabul.

The team behind the Drop and Ride project, which has publicly campaigned for human rights, equality, sports and education in Kabul for years, is currently in acute danger of losing their lives due to the Taliban takeover. For this reason, the Abasha e.V. team is campaigning for the organizers to flee Afghanistan.

We are currently caring for six people, including a baby. Some want to make a new start in Canada, others in Germany. Five of the people are already safe, one person is currently still waiting for evacuation. Further details cannot be communicated at this time for security reasons, especially for family and acquaintances in Kabul.

The people in need of protection need fast and unbureaucratic financial support for a new start, because after the flight they only have a cell phone, their passport as well as the clothes on their bodies. In addition to the most basic necessities, we also want to quickly enable them to return to their passion, cycling, as a support during this difficult time. All funds provided will be distributed equally among the six people.

Since Abasha e.V. can only spend funds according to the statutes of the association (sports and educational projects abroad) according to German association law and the situation requires quick action, we have decided to make donations through the private account of Tamara Ehm. As a member of the board of Abasha e.V., Tamara has been closely connected with the project on site for years.

Every donation helps the activists to restart! In addition, the funds can be used to protect those left behind in Kabul. Thank you for your support!

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