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Abasha Annual Report 2019

Download of the Annual Report: Abasha Annual Report 2019

Dear Abasha Members,

Abasha is now officially one year old! At this point, we’d like to extend a big thank you to our members and supporters! Abasha is based entirely on your membership subscriptions, donations and the voluntary commitment of many young people. In small working groups we solve different tasks and regularly coordinate our work in online meetings. Often we are located in different places and yet work closely together on a common document. The first year has shown – it works! The strong online-based organizational structure of Abasha makes it possible for our members who live in different places to be involved in the work of the association in a flexible way, both in terms of time and location. That said, at our last “offline” meeting in Munich we decided to offer the possibility of online participation at the annual meetings in the future. Active membership and participation in Abasha should not depend on in-person attendance at an annual meeting in our founding city Munich.

As a non-profit organization, our goal is to give start up assistance to  educational and sports initiatives specifically in more difficult environments.  At Abasha we see ourselves merely as helpers to already existing projects by contributing our knowledge in a close mentoring relationship, and by providing financial support to help implement the local ideas. After some years, the goal of such cooperation should aim to strengthen the skills of the local project partners, rather than have a strong dependence on Abasha.

Our first project is the Drop and Ride Program in Kabul, which is implemented by the Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO). In 2019, we signed a cooperation agreement with PFO and have been closely mentoring the participants facing local challenges. At our on-site courses, many ideas sprung – specifically in educational courses, and women empowerment. Along with PFO, we were able to explore further and work together on courses of action. This is how the Drop and Ride Program for 2020 came into shape, and thanks to private donations  and the support of “ergo: wir helfen e.V.” and Flying Metal GmbH it has already been financed. We thank you for your support!

For 2020 we plan to develop and implement a fair and transparent selection process for new projects. Get excited!

We are looking forward to next year, and send endless gratitude for your support, and making this all possible!

Moritz Kistenfeger                   Tamara Ehm
1. Board                                    2. Board

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