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Get active at Abasha

You want to give children and young people in difficult situations access to education and sport? Abasha is looking for motivated members who want to support young sports and educational projects in difficult environments, get to know the exciting everyday life of a non-profit organisation and at the same time gain experience in different fields. 

In addition to tasks that you will manage on your own responsibility, exciting and interactive workshops with Abasha members are awaiting you. In our monthly virtual meetings you will experience the creative exchange with our partner projects and make your contribution to the future of Abasha. Sounds good? We are looking forward to your application for full membership! Please be aware, that our full membership is limited to residents of the European Union, due to administrative requirements. If you want to support us from outside the EU you can do so by becoming a supporting member.

Every new member receives a small sticker set: Decorate your surrounding with it! This way we want to reach even more people with our idea!


Become part of the Abasha team

Who we are:

Abasha was founded in early 2019 by a group of students and since then it has been registered as an official non-profit organisation in Germany. All members work on a voluntary basis, so all donations go directly to our partner projects. All full members contribute 4 Euro per month to the club and have voting rights for important decisions at Abasha. 

What we do:

We focus on locally initiated projects in difficult environments around the world. Abasha offers those initiatives both financial support and valuable know-how, which contributes to a stable project structure. Over the years, we build a close mentoring relationship with our partner projects. Our aim is to help young and local initiatives to develop an independent project structure. 

What we offer:

Abasha offers its members a platform for digital volunteering.

Volunteers at Abasha...


Who are we looking for?

There is always something to do at Abasha. Our association work is divided into the areas of administration, fundraising and recruiting, communication, methods, and the mentoring teams. 

At regular intervals, all groups exchange current information about progress within their working group in online video calls and clarify any open issues. Every two months there is also a general call with all Abasha members to exchange questions and ideas. 

Get involved

At the moment, we are looking for volunteers for the following tasks:


  • Editing and cutting of video material for our YouTube channel
  • Managing our Instagram account: Stories, IGTVs, Reels, interaction with the community
  • Image and video editing for online marketing
  • Conception and planning of social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn): topic and image search, copywriting, planning content in the editorial plan
  • Topic search and writing blog articles for the Abasha website 
  • Press work:
    • Regular review of media topics and trends
    • Writing journalistic texts on given developments at Abasha and the partner projects
    • Contact with news agencies and broadcasting formats on the topic of sports or education and with freelance journalists related to locations of our partner organizations (Kenya, Afghanistan)

Fundraising and recruiting:

  • Company marketing: Development of a strategy for addressing companies for funding
  • University marketing: Presentation of Abasha to various unversity departments, communication with TUM for fairs (requirement: student at the Technical University Munich)
  • Development of new fundraising activities for our partner projects


  • Compilation of an information package for young NGOs worldwide
  • Design of the project cycle
  • Development of a holistic annual report for partner projects
  • Statistical evaluation of the selection process
  • Development of stable organisational structures and workflows with a partner project 
  • Best practices in project management of small NGOs: Analysis of successful sports and education initiatives on site
  • Establishing a transnational network of contacts for the selection of new projects 
  • Draft of a standardised catalogue of criteria for the evaluation of ongoing projects 


  • Recording of income and expenditure of Abasha
  • Supervision of membership fees (transfers, donations, SEPA collections etc.)

Contact us

If you are interested, simply get in touch with us using the contact form. We will get back to you soon and answer all your questions! Don’t forget to let us know about your main area(s) of interest. 

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