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With our first pro­ject, Drop and Ride, we were alrea­dy able to make a dif­fe­rence for the girls and boys in Kabul. We want to build on that!

In the future we would like to build part­ners­hips with other pro­jects and sup­port them con­cep­tual­ly and finan­cial­ly. We see a spe­cial poten­ti­al in initia­ti­ves with a com­bi­na­ti­on of sport and edu­ca­ti­on to bring tog­e­ther child­ren and young peop­le from dif­fe­rent back­grounds in one pro­gram and thus to faci­li­ta­te exchan­ge.

Do you know a young initia­ti­ve, which makes sport or edu­ca­ti­on for dis­ad­van­ta­ged young peop­le pos­si­ble or are perhaps even part of such an initia­ti­ve? Then con­ta­ct us!