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More girls join the bike program of Drop and Ride in Kabul

Drop and Ride is Afghanistan’s first freestyle cycling club founded in Kabul in 2016.

Today, the club runs under the Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO), a non-profit organization registered in Afghanistan. It is supported by Abasha. Drop and Ride resulted from a youth initiative with the aim of addressing social problems through sport. “Drop and Ride” symbolizes “dropping” the weapon and “riding” a bike instead. 

For Drop and Ride, the approach of providing bike training and education programs equally to girls and boys deserves special recognition. Women and girls in Afghanistan face discrimination and are mostly deprived of enjoying equal rights as men.  But when it comes to the active members of Drop and Ride, the club has come a long way in gender equality. At Drop and Ride, girls can participate in training session and learn new tricks on their bikes the same way boys do. Providing a safe environment for training and promoting sport and education to the youth is engraved in Drop and Ride’s long-term mission. Discrimination has no space at Drop and Rides programs!  

As this summer more girls joined the club, the female group is becoming more popular and grows constantly.

Therefore, Drop and Ride provides a secure environment for training and safety equipment like helmets and knee pads. Drop and Ride mitigates for women’s rights and promotes gender equality with a growing number of participants. This is a great chance for the girls of Kabul to engage in sports activities, boost their confidence levels and improve their bike skills while being part of the Drop and Ride team. But it is not only about bikes. Additionally, Drop and Ride promotes diversity and engages in different activities besides bike riding. Those include other types of sport like roller skating and educational programs like English classes and on a long term computer skill courses. 

Abasha is happy to see the commitment and joy that cycling brings to the female members of the club. Drop and Ride promotes the culture of cycling for girls. Furthermore, they contribute to shaping the perception of the society about women on bikes through social media and local events. So far, more than 100 girls participated in training sessions at Drop and Ride. Now they can use the bicycle as a fun activity as well as a free mean of transport in a crowded city like Kabul.

Meet the new Drop and Ride member Zohra in the video below.

She expresses the happiness and sense of freedom cycling brings to her and emphasizes that: “Every girl in the world has the right to freely ride the bike and do sports!”

We should support women and girls of Afghanistan and let them explore their talents. Join Abasha or donate to support the girls and women in Kabul!

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