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ERGO donates 1000 Euro for the Drop and Ride Education Program!

“ergo: wir helfen e.V.” participates in the financing of the Drop and Ride education program for 2020: Thanks to a generous donation of 1,000€, we are able to finance the English course that the young people in Kabul have been awaiting for such a long time! Abasha would like to thank the ERGO staff association from the bottom of our hearts for this unbelievably important contribution! 

“ergo: wir helfen e. V.” is a non-profit charitable association founded and run by the work-forces of ERGO’s companies and with the purpose of extending a helping hand to people in need via social and charitable projects at home in Germany and abroad. Current and former ERGO employees can join the association and support its work by donating the portion of their salaries or commission that comes after the decimal point and/or by making a maximum donation of 1.50 euros per month.

The desire for an English course in the Drop and Ride program for 2020 came from the local young people. English is mainly seen as the key to participation. English lessons can improve participants’ future perspectives by enabling them to communicate, participate and learn in international contexts. English is key to promoting the visions of Kabul’s youth for their future in the network of international organisations in Kabul.

The students are selected by the PFO amongst the participants of the Drop and Ride program. We want to enrol students between the ages of 14 to 24 with the best possible gender ratio. The three-month course covers room rental, equipment and a professional teacher for four hours per week for 20 participants each. In the long term, we plan to offer a year-round course.

At Abasha, we are especially happy to be able to combine private donations and sponsoring from the company employees of Ergo for the 2020 program of Drop and Ride.

Drop and Ride is getting ready for 2020 and needs your support! You can support the project by donating to the current crowdfunding campaign or by joining Abasha as a long-term supporting member

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