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Biking Above Kabul – Video

What do you enjoy doing on weekends? The members of the Afghan Drop and Ride project like to grab their mountainbikes and head for the Hindu Kush mountains above Kabul. There you can ride your MTB with a truly incredible view.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty accompanied Drop and Ride on such a weekend and produced this impressive clip. In the video the young members of Drop and Ride talk about their future dreams, which moutainbike stars they would like to meet in person and if girls can participate in this sport, too. But watch for yourself:

Abasha has been supporting Drop and Ride since its beginnings. Are you as impressed by the determination of the young members of Drop and Ride as we are? If so, we would be very happy about a donation or even a membership of Abasha. With your help we can guarantee that the Drop and Ride project will remain in Afghanistan.

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