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Crowdfunding: Drop And Ride Program 2020

The Drop and Ride program in Kabul, Afghanistan, needs your support! On this page you will find all details about the planned activities of Drop and Ride. Help us to finance the sport and education program for 2020! 

You can support the project by donating to the current crowdfunding campaign or by joining Abasha as a long-term supporting member.

Drop And Ride program for 2020:

Drop and Ride (‘Drop the gun and ride a bike’) was founded by a young group from Kabul, Afghanistan, at the end of 2016. Since then, the project uses sport in combination with educational activities to address important issues for young people: The desire for peace, equality between men and women, democracy and better education. Today, up to 100 young people, many of whom are girls, take part in the events every month.

Drop and Ride is registered as Peace and Freestyle Organization (PFO) and operates as an official NGO in Afghanistan.  Abasha supports PFO in financing the sport and education program in Kabul. Abasha will provide 100% of the donations for this campaign directly to the PFO.

PFO needs your support to further develop the Drop and Ride program:

Yearly rent for the bike area in 2020

For the training ground, which ensures a safe training environment for the young people during the bike program, a monthly rent of 150 euros is charged. The enclosed training area, which also serves as a location for the storage container of the sport equipment, is essential for safety reasons only. Drop and Ride wants to provide a safe environment for the development of young people within the context of sport and educational programs. In the public space, women’s sport can quickly cause conflicts, which creates a huge barrier between interested girls and the sport program. For women in particular, sport facilities can only be offered in enclosed sites.

Required funding: 1800 Euro
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Real role models: strong women in sports

Afghanistan is a sport loving country, but the idols of sport are traditionally male – young women have a difficult task discovering female role models. The bike offers of the ‘Drop and Ride’ club attracts a large number of girls who find self-confidence and strength through this sport. In 2020, we would like to bring these female members into personal contact with successful sportswomen and foster them on their way to confident women. A social media campaign on the Drop and Ride Facebook page is intended to stimulate the topic and thereafter enable an exchange with role models during events in Kabul. We encourage the exchange of ideas between the participants during small events, conversations in person or via Skype.

Required funding: 500 Euro
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Three-month English Course in Spring 2020

On request of the local youth, English courses will be offered in 2020. English is mainly seen as the key to participation. English lessons can improve participants’ future perspectives by enabling them to communicate, participate and learn in international contexts. English is key to promoting the visions of Kabul’s youth for their future in the network of international organisations in Kabul. The students are selected by the PFO amongst the participants of the Drop and Ride program. We want to enrol students between the ages of 14 to 24 with the best possible gender ratio. The three-month course covers room rental, equipment and a professional teacher for four hours per week for 20 participants each. In the long term, we plan to offer a year-round course.

Required funding: 1250 Euro
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Human Rights Education and Events

Human rights is an abstract term for many teenagers. By combining sport activities with human rights education activities, the topic of human rights should become more accessible to boys and girls through excursions and events. By attending different events organised by governmental organisations, the UN and NGOs, young people can gain different perspectives of the topic. Newspaper subscriptions to local and independent media provide general human rights education and a knowledge base.

Required funding: 500 Euro
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Computer training for career starters

PC skills are crucial for the further professional development of young career starters. While the smartphone is an ordinary part of everyday life in Kabul, there exists a large deficit in experience with the Office Package on a PC. Improved PC skills can greatly improve the future perspectives of participants, especially in the job market. Through the participants’ commitment, the Drop and Ride program will also benefit in the long term from the improved PC capacities of volunteers. The course will be hosted by a professional training institution in Kabul. The PFO ensures the availability of a training laptop with an office package for the future practice of what has been learned.

Required funding: 1000 Euro
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Youth festival with culture and sport in summer 2020

From the district league to the golf club, the highlight of the hot season is the summer festival. Cakes and cool drinks are the perfect opportunity to talk, thank the volunteers and celebrate the successful club year with family and friends. In Germany a summer festival is loud, sociable and above all: completely normal. So a healthy club life includes a summer festival! The members of Drop and Ride have been active for years now, but are still waiting for their first youth festival in Kabul: apart from sport and culture, there shouldn’t be any lack of cakes and music. In this way, an exchange between different sports in Kabul can be encouraged and the best athlete can be chosen at competitions. The supporting program with food, culture and music will complete the day as a successful annual highlight.

Required funding: 800 Euro
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About Abasha

Since 2016 Drop and Ride is supported by a European initiative and Abasha. In 2018 a container with high quality bicycle equipment was shipped to Kabul and the first English course for Drop and Ride members was initially financed. Since 2019 Abasha is officially registered in Germany as a non-profit association and aims to support youth projects worldwide through expertise and financial support. Abasha’s main focus is on ensuring access to sport and education for children and young people from difficult backgrounds. We support PFO and the Drop and Ride program in financing the sport and education program in West Kabul for 2020. Abasha works non-profit, honorary and finances all fees through the membership fees of the founding members. This enables us to transfer 100% of the donations to the local projects.

You can support the project by donating to the current crowdfunding campaign or by joining Abasha as a long-term supporting member.

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